2020 Writers

2020 Writers Moving Forward


Many thanks to everyone who participated in and supported our project. We are so grateful for the opportunity to read your manuscripts and queries, knowing how much time and effort has been put into this work.

Congratulations to all the writers who are moving forward for an “above the slush pile read.” With their permission, we have some of them listed below.

We wish everyone the best in their future writing journeys!

Ashley Chalmers

Ashlee Hashman

Jenna Hammond

Kristy Nuttall

Phyllis Hemann

Stephanie Gibeault

J.J. Harper

Stephanie Yu Lim

Shanon Lyon

Natasha Kazi

Maria Bursey

Marie Ryall

Kelly Zhang

Lisa Perron

Carrie Rodell

Linda Johnson

Rachel Funez

Betsy McGovern

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